About Us

As a global investment - advisory firm Fincasa Venture work together to create long-term value for our advisors, investors, companies, shareholders, people and communities through domain expertise and insight into our industries of focus.

With 6 offices across 4 continents, we leverage our global network to deliver our best thinking and drive positive change. We advise - manage millions in assets, spanning 7 core business segments and through multiple investment vehicles, investing - advising wisely and responsibly over the long-term.

Key Benefits:

  • Network:

People are the thrust behind every successful business--including ours. This is what 'value add' means. Deep roots and strong ties matter, and partnering with FINCASA means joining a thriving network of business leaders, entrepreneurs, technologists, and potential partners and customers. Entrepreneurs usually tell us that our network is even more valuable than the capital we – advise to invest. We're committed to making sure that's the case.

  • Scale:

Over nearly a decade into investing – advising and managing, we've learned that size does have its advantages. We use ours to make a worldwide platform that provides us with the insight, the pliability and therefore the efficiency to take a position in big ideas--no matter where they're, or how far along they might be. Our scale enables us to help the seed in innovations in emerging markets, fund early-stage companies in high-growth sectors, and fuel the expansion of market leaders.

  • Depth:

We are investors - advisors... and operators, technologists and entrepreneurs. We do know it when we see it. Nobody ever said sourcing innovation, spotting big market opportunities and building great businesses was easy--it's not! And doing it well for nearly a decade is no fluke. By combining deep sector knowledge, a collaborative team structure, and therefore the broad perspective scale brings, we show up early, dive deep and make things happen.


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