Across our portfolio, visionary entrepreneurs are at the helm of current and future industry leaders, fuelling the development of technologies that will keep the world at the forefront of innovation. Some of the foremost successful business leaders in each of those industries have joined forces with FINCASA Capital as Venture Partners, bringing tremendous sector insight and deep networks.


​We’ve built a premier technology practice by fuelling the growth of disruptive enterprise and consumer technology companies, helping to build market leaders across a wide swath of sectors including


  • Across Stages

Fincasa proven investment - advising strategy spans all stages of a company's growth, from advising - seeding innovations in emerging markets to advising - funding early-stage companies in high-growth markets to connecting the growth of market leaders. Any stage of growth is the right stage to partner with Fincasa. We can add value and offer expert guidance throughout your company’s lifecycle—whether your big idea is at its inception or has already progressed to be a viable reality.


The last decades have marked the largest expansion of the global economy the world has ever seen, with more than half of the expansion attributable to emerging economies. With a growing international presence, Fincasa stays on the cutting edge of new technologies as we expand our global network.


  • Approach

Fincasa actively advises investing in emerging markets. We are continuously expanding our global network to profit companies in our portfolio-- many of which are operating internationally from the earliest stages. Today our investing – advising activities span four continents, and we think the world seems a little flatter every day.


  • Growth Consulting:

Fincasa Capital gains confidence with its access to a wealth of wisdom and hands-on experience. Our planning board consists of renowned thinkers, investors and mentors who have consulted, coached and funded a number of the simplest and brightest ventures within the world. They shape the world of technology and innovation with their incisive thought capital. We believe this wisdom and access, gives a performance edge to our portfolio companies and their founders.

  • Mentoring:

We help our venture founders get the proper inputs and wisdom from our planning board. Experience is that the best teacher, and therefore the measure of experience possessed by this august circle is immense. Growth stage mentoring consists of interactions that facilitate the exchange of industry and professional wisdom and help founders learn, unlearn and reimagine. This mentoring, in our experience, can transform mindsets and capabilities in the critical growth phase of businesses.


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